About Živa

Živa is the first Slovenian tennis player who has achieved such excellent international success in her age category. According to experts’ opinions and with regard to her exceptional results she belongs to the highly promising top class athletes in the world.

Živa has chosen a path in life which is not easy. Apart from the schoolwork her hard tennis and fitness training programs have to be coordinated with travels to tournaments, especially abroad. That all means a lot of effort and sacrifice. Using her talent supported by everyday hardwork, showing determination and strength Živa is an extraordinary competitor who has decided to reach her clear goal in life – to become the best tennis player in the world.

Živa Falkner first made use of the tennis racket at the age of 4 when her parents enlisted her to the tennis kindergarten organised by the Tennis Club Krka Otočec. The vigorous young girl, who also liked all kinds of ball games, soon showed her talent for tennis play. She proved to have willpower to undergo numerous hard trainings which lead to the best results in competitions.

Already during the first match organised at her home club at her early age of 5 Živa showed her fighting spirit and proved to be a born competitor. Showing her growing enthusiasm and approach to hardwork at trainings, her desire to finally win a cup gradually became stronger. She won her first cup at age of 6 in a tournament organised by the local tennis club. That was the starting point of entering the competitions organised by the Slovenian Tennis Federation, carefully encouraged and supervised by her first coach Goran Jelen and later Gordan Janković, her present coach.

Živa was dominant in all elements of tennis play what she proved by excellent results in matches with the youngest competitors in Slovenia. By her age of 10 she won over 50 various cups and awards. She was the first girl in Slovenia who twice won the National Championship in the category of players up to 12 years of age. At age 11 she won the first international title on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. In the prestigeous international tournament Orange Bowl in Florida she was ranked among the best 16 players of the tournament in the division of girls 12 & under.

Today Živa Falkner, 14, is the most successful tennis player of the Tennis Club Krka Otočec. She is the best player in her age group in Slovenia and ranked among the 8 best players in Europe. According to her results she belongs to the best Slovenian, European and world tennis players.

In 2014 and 2015 Živa won 13 titles on the international Tennis Europe Junior Tour. In 2016 she took part in the tournaments of Category 1 of Tennis Europe.

She proved her quality of play by reaching the quarterfinal in the European Singles Championship and by entering the final Masters tournament of the top eight performers, reaching the final 4th place. She was given the Fair Play Award for her well behaviour during the tournament and for her willingness to take part in the presentation play with handicapped players.

Živa is member of the Slovenian National Team and regularly takes part in international competitions. In July 2016 the girls of U-14 team reached the final of the European Team Championship. Bacause of their excellent results the team was entitled to take part in the World Team Championship, where they finished in final 10th place.