About Živa

Živa Falkner is a Slovenian tennis player who, with international successes and highly set goals, belongs to the top athletes of the world

The path she has chosen is very demanding – daily tennis and fitness training and trips to competitions abroad are her life. Živa believes that with persistent work, strong will and unwavering dedication to this sport she will rank among the best tennis players in the world.

Živa first picked up a tennis racket at the age of four at the Krka Tennis Club Otočec. Already as a young girl under the leadership of her first coach Goran Jelen and then Gordan Janković Živa proved her dominance in all categories of tennis game at the competitions of the Tennis Association of Slovenia. At the age of eleven she won her first international Tennis Europe title, in 2014 and 2015 she won thirteen more. She finished the year 2016 as the first in the Tennis Europe U14 rankings and received the prestigious Tennis Europe Junior Tour Player of the Year award.

She started competing in the ITF Junior U18 tournaments in January 2017. In one year she achieved so many victories that she climbed from 1441st place to 170th place in this ranking. Also in 2018 she successfully competed in tournaments of the highest rankings. Živa was selected to a team of 12 players from all around the world under the aegis of the World Youth Tennis Association and played on the American tour (Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Florida).
In 2019 she was ranked among the top 100 juniors in the world which allowed her to participate in grand slam tournaments. She achieved extraordinary success in her youth career in January 2020 in Australia when she reached the finals in the doubles with her teammate Matilda Mutavdžić from Great Britain.

In 2020 Živa began competing in the professional membership category. In summer she participated in two tournaments in Slovenia and won both. In September she celebrated her victory at her first international professional tournament Krka Ladies Open in Otočec.

She finished the 2020 tennis season as the 924th player in the world WTA rankings, and she has continued the series of wins in 2021. She achieved very encouraging results in international tournaments (ITF PRO) in July 2021 and climbed to 550th place in the world WTA rankings. Živa has been successfully competing for the Slovenian national team in various categories for several years. In 2021 she became a member of the elite FED CUP national team of Slovenia.

Her tennis successes, commitment to sport and values ​​such as respect, cooperation, tolerance and cordiality have been repeatedly recognized at the international, national and local levels. She has been twice awarded the title of Athlete of the Year by the Municipality of Novo mesto.
With her results achieved so far, Živa Falkner undoubtedly proves her diligence, dedication and constant progress in her tennis play. Her goal orientation and unwavering strength of an exceptional competitor will lead her to be one of the best tennis players in the world.